A Peace Community In Action is an eclectic gathering of people, motivated around the diverse spiritualities, ancient and new, that animate our world.  


APCIA began in 2012 by a small group of people with a rich array of spiritual diversity, all eager to create and embrace different 

approaches to celebrating life and our communities.      


Therefore we are a community of all faiths, multifaith, no faith, any 

social or economic background, all ethnicities, etc.  


​We currently gather every other Sunday downtown at our community center. Other events, community gatherings, out reach programs, hikes, charity events and more are updated frequently on our websites. 


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Our mission is to continue educating ourselves and others while opening our hearts and minds to what we do not know or understand, in order to help eliminate fear and prejudice.


By doing so we connect with with others and it allows us to embrace and appreciate diversities and create peace amongst ourselves and in our communities.


We focus on nothing in specific, but everything in general, including all faiths, traditions and practices. 


We provide counseling, guidance,

workshops, sermons and trainings on meditation, martial arts, yoga, prayer, community outreach, spritual studies, healthy life choices, acts of kindness and so much more.     


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